Cheshire Counselling Practice

Dealing with many of life’s difficult issues and events such as bereavement, relationship breakdown or illness can leave us with feelings of stress, anxiety or depression. However there can be many reasons why life may leave us with feelings of unrest, dissatisfaction or unhappiness. It could be issues at work, with family & friends, uncertainty in the future or coming to terms with something from the past. Sometimes talking with those closest to you may not be the easiest option as you may feel guarded in what you say and not want to upset or offend those you care about. It could be a difficult subject to approach.

I believe recognising you need support shows strength not weakness. This is the first step of your journey.

Cheshire Counselling Practice based in Warrington offers a safe confidential space where you can expect to feel accepted and not judged. Where you will be respected and supported.

For many people who have no experience of counselling, there is mystique.
‘what happens’  ‘how does it work’  ‘what will they ask me’  ‘will I feel uncomfortable’

Counselling is not about offering advice but an opportunity to explore your issues alongside a professional therapist in the hope of identifying strengths and ways of coping.